Mexican Wine – It Is Not All Just Beer and Tequila!

A little history. The wine has been made in Mexico since the 16th century when the Spanish gotten here, bringing European vines with them. Mexico is the earliest growing area in the Americas. Obviously, grapes grew there before the Spanish shown up but the Spanish grapevines did particularly well in the nest and the Spanish living in Mexico did not have to import any alcohol from Spain after the seventeenth century when their vines were growing.

Charles II of Spain prohibited vineyards in Mexico in 1699, apart from for the ones grown by members of the clergy for church functions, which is why they were just produced on a little scale. The restriction was raised after the Independence but the Mexican Revolution halted production yet once again, particularly in the north.

One of the Most Famous Vineyard Regions

The production started once again and increased around the turn of the twentieth century and it infected other parts of the nation. Russian immigrants established vineyards in the Baja California area. Today, Baja California produces ninety percent of the wine in Mexico and this area is popular with travelers. There are over fifty vineyards to go to in this area. Sonora is likewise a popular area for them.

Durango and Coahuila are grape-growing locations in the La Laguna area and in the center, you will find Queretaro, Aguascalientes, and Zacatecas. The warm environment provides the resulting wines a ripe, full-bodied, and spicy surface, although the damp winter seasons, dry summertime’s, and ocean breeze in the north of Baja make theirs more much like exactly what you would find in California.

Since the 1980s, production has increased in both quality and amount although the forty percent tax and competitors from foreign wines imply it does refrain from doing in addition to you may anticipate. Beer, tequila, and mescal are the most popular alcohols in Mexico but wine manufacturers in Mexico have won worldwide awards and you can sample the in your area produced bottles at Mexican dining establishments when you are on holiday in the area and delighting in conventional Mexican food too.

Celebrations and Events

There are wine celebrations in the north of Mexico as well as along the “Ruta del Vino” where the vineyards are. The Fiesta de la Vendimia (or Vintage Festival) draws lots of travelers and this happens in the Valley of Guadalupe and Ensenada every year in August.

There are trips, contests, fishing competitors, premium food tasting, shows and cook-offs at these occasions and they are normally a great deal of enjoyable. The Cabo San Lucas Wine and Food Fest and the Guadalajara Winefest in November are likewise worth participating in if you are going to remain in the area.

If you delight in tasting genuine Mexican food dishes, you will most likely prefer to break open a bottle of something excellent to choose them. It is most likely most convenient to buy Mexican wine online unless you can find an especially well-stocked outlet in your area. You can likewise find evaluations online, to direct to with making your option.